Rheem, A Greater Degree of Good

Around the globe many companies are changing the way they do business. They are employing new practices to reduce environmental impact. Rheem is the first manufacture of heating and air conditioning equipment that has stepped up as there “Green Game” with it’s Sustainability Program. The Rheem Sustainability Program has many parts. At the top of the list is the Design For Zero Waste. By using recycled materials and reducing the amount of materials used in manufacturing their equipment.

The Forefront of Efficiency

Rheem’s line of super high efficient water heaters, furnaces, air handlers and air conditioners are leading the way in reduced energy consumption equipment for homeowners. Home comfort and high efficiently are not mutually exclusive as many brands would have you believe. Rheem’s Platinum line of heating and cooling equipment is a marvel of science and engineering. Not only does it use 40% less energy, it balances a homes exact humidity and temperature by reading and adjusting every other second. Using inverter technology they have mastered comfort in a way that you have to experience to understand.

Comfort and Efficiency Go Hand and Glove

Inverter technology allows the system to dial it’s self down with out shutting fully off. In essence the unit will bring the home to the desired temperature using 100% of it capability and then dial down to as little as 30% to maintain that comfort. It may dial it’s self up in the hottest part of the day and then back down as the evening cools. While standard air conditioners are subject to hysteresis or a lag time in when the home is comfortable and then rise to a temperature that is not before turning back on, this is not the case with the the Platinum Inverter.

The Fast Affordable Air team and I are honored to partner with Rheem in the Sustainability Initiative. We believe in the product and will do our part locally to reduce our environmental footprint.

Metal Recycling

We are committed to reducing our waist that ends up in landfill. At present we recycle approximately 97% of the equipment and parts that we remove. This requires us to dismantle the equipment separating the different types of metals. The extra effort pays dividends in reducing our waist and is a foundation for where we hope to aspire in the future.

A world without paper

Paperless is also a practice that we hold near and dear. In 2009 we estimate that we used 260 lbs of paper. In 2018 we used only 18 lbs. Technology is paving the way to a 100% paperless practice and we look forward to seeing the many resources being developed for us to use.



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